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New Year 2018 is one of the most celebrated days across the world as it marks the first day of the modern Gregorian Calendar as well as the Julian Calendar. New Year is generally celebrated on the 1st of January by everyone around the world. The Celebration of the New Year on 1st January dates back to 153 BC in Rome. Until around 700BC, the month of January did not exist and there were months from March to December.

However, the second king of Rome, Numa Pontilius added the months January and February to the existing one. From then, the order of months was from January to December and has been continuous ever since. 1st January has been declared as the New Year day by most of the countries and declared a Public Holiday. Check Out Advance Happy New Year 2018 Images SMS Wishes Quotes and Greetings below.

Advance Happy New Year 2018 Images SMS Quotes and Wishes:

The celebrations for the New Year 2018 will kickstart from the midnight of the day before itself by observing the fireworks at the stroke of the midnight.  However, there are other many calendars which moved New Year’s day to other dates depending on their respective locale or traditions. All the people around the world with their near and dear ones on the 1st of January. They call on each other and shall have the time of their lives on that day. All those who look for some exciting and interesting quotes of Advance Happy New Year 2018 can have a glance here.

Advance Happy New Year 2018 Images SMS:

  • To help you cherish the spirit of New Year in a better and a special way, here is an exhaustive and awesome collection of New Year SMS, text messages. Share these SMS on New Year with your loved ones and wish them health and happiness in the coming year. Advance Happy New Year 2018!!
  • This New Year.. may each day be lit with happy moments..may all your hopes, desires & cherished dreams come true.Advance Happy New Year 2018.
  • May you come to terms with realities of life;May you accept the wisdom of God;May you rejoice in adversity;May you fish for hope;And may optimism rule your life!A very Happy New Year 2018
  • Before The Church Bells Ring.Before The Cakes & Wine Are Served.Before The Holy Star Appears.Before Networks Get JammedLet Me Wish You Advance Happy New Year 2018
  • Unless we make New Year an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it “white”.

  • New Year is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.
  • Love, joy and peace are the ingredients for a wonderful New Year… We hope you find them all this festive season… Advance Happy New Year!
  • May these New Year holidays refresh your spirit and bring you new inspiration and happiness for lide. sending you this New Year SMS to Wish you a New Year 2018
  • It’s the time of eggnog, candles, cakes, songs, reindeer, carols, laughter and most importantly LOVE. Happy New Year!
  • May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your Message and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round.
  • Once in every year we are given a chance to spread joy and cheer. I hope we can learn to do this all year! Advance Happy New Year!
  • A lovely thing about New Year is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.

Advance Happy New Year 2018 Wishes:

1 We just have to trust Him today.
I heartily wish a beautiful tomorrow to you and your family! Happy New Year!

2. Wishing You A Fabulous 2018With Full Of Great Achievements And Experiences.A Meaningful Chapter WaitingTo Be Written Happy New Year!

3. Sending a golden Greetings boxFull of smiles wrappedin silvery affection tied with silky careand sweetly sealed with blessingsHappy New Year

4. May You Find The Time 2 Care For Yourself,For Your Own Health And Your Own GoalsWhile U Manage The CompleteResponsibility In This Year.Happy New Year.

5. Here’s a wish that your life is:Filled with all the beautiful fragrances;Illuminated with all the lights of the world;Blessed by all the good souls on the planet;Showered with all the worldly possessions!Have a fulfilling New Year!

6. Everything about the future is uncertain;But one thing is for sure that GOD has already planned all our tomorrows;There Have Been Many Time In 2017When I May Disturbed YouTroubled UIrritated UBugged UToday I Just Wanna Tell YouI Plan To Continue It In 2018.

7. As you celebrate the miracle of this special season, may your heart be filled with joy and peace. May these holiday blessings linger in your home and stay with you throughout the year.

Advance Happy New Year 2018 Quotes:


May the coming year be full of happiness, charms, success and delight for you and your missions. Don’t forget the opportunity to get together with your friends at last night of this old year. Accept my kind wishes in advance!

I put it to you that the last night of this year and the first day of New Year are very memorable for us. We can remember everything about these in a whole year. In this regard, I wish you about the first day of New Year in advance 2018.

It is a time to start preparations to wait and enjoy the New Year. We can do much more if we are sincerely waiting for this. My dear, Happy new year 2018 advance.

I am writing the amazing and best New Year in advance wishes to you. Please accept my kind words for this huge event. I can say that this old year is memorable for us and I am sure about New Year for the same.

Dear Mom and Dad, Though I Don’t Often, Express in Words as How Much I Love U, But Today I Want To Thank U for The, Wonderful Gifts, Your Blessings and Above, All Showing me the Right way to Make My Life, More Beautiful.Thank You Very Much. Happy New Year Mom and Dad.

A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I’ve played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

Wishing you to welcome 2018 with warmth and sincere feelings. Our expectations are a perfect part of New Year, and we will get them enjoying the whole year. Advance New year 2018!!

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#101+ Happy New Year 2018 Instagram Images Captions & Hashtags

Hail, New Year. The Eighteenth New Year of the third millennium is about to begin. A moment of new hopes, new goals, resolutions, new joy, new happiness to everyone in the world is around the corner. This first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar is very special to every person in the world that the plannings on how to celebrate it will be made from one month in advance. It is such an occasion and moment where family, friends, relatives, and those close to your heart gather at a place and welcome this New baby new year together will loads of enthusiasm, love, excitement, and a mix of all such energetic emotions. An interesting point to share about the New Year is that the new year 2018 will be celebrated at different times around the world due to the difference in the time zones. As per this timings, Samoa and parts of Kiribati will be at the first places to welcome the New Year while Baker Islands of United States will be among the last. Generally, in many parts of the world, Christmas and New Year will be celebrated with grandeur as this are only a few days gap between both the occasions. In countries where Christianity is the dominant religion, the Christmas public holidays also cover the New Year. Check Out the best collection of Happy New Year 2018 Instagram Images Captions & Hashtags below.

Happy New Year 2018 Instagram Images | Best New Year Captions & Hashtags

Days are running so fast that yet another New Year will be in front of us in just a few days. People are so immersed in their daily targets and busy schedules that we don’t even find time to sit down and spend some quality time with our family. And at this point of using Technology, we almost forgot having got together meetings either our those close friends who used to be our best buddies in the past. Besides welcoming this New Year, this can be an opportunity to meet all those good old friends by planning a party on the New Year eve and sharing all those memories you had with them.

Some of you forget to wish your friends and family during New Year and most friends and family appreciate the new years greetings. So if you want to cheer up your friends and family on the occasion of New Year then this here is a great chance to do so.

Fun, Joy, Happiness,Peace, Love, Luck, Will Come Near,With My Special Wish,Happy New Year!

May this new year bring many opportunities your way, To explore every joy of life & turning all your dreams into reality & all your efforts into great achievements.

Sending you wishes for a happy year filled with health, prosperity, love and loads of fun!

New year begins, let us pray that it will be a year with peace, happiness and abundance of new friends, God bless us through out the new year.

Α new year Ιs the best Τime to Μake fresh new Βeginnings as you Βegin a Νew chapter of yοur life to fill υp the pages with Βeautiful verses.

May you stand up for your own rights this New Year and also the rights of fellow human beings, may nothing stop you from championing a cause that you hold close to your heart. New Year is the perfect time to renew the bond of love.

As the New Year approaches may you find yourself surrounded by friends and family who would be ready to be by your side through thick and thin.

Happiness comes to those who know how to dispel the gloominess and go beyond the trivialities of life. Rise above petty issues and see the joys that surround you.

Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true, so with a joyful heart, put a start to this year anew. Wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year 2018 quotes.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the year that starts a new, cherish each moment that the year shall behold, so let’s come together and celebrate a blissful start to the New Year. Happy New Year.

  • New Year has brought with it loads of opportunities to become the human being you have always wanted to be.Hope you are blessed withcourage to fight against injustice and stand up for your values in the New Year 2018 captions.

  • This New Years may you be able to dump all your worries and get a refill of happiness for a person as nice as you deserves nothing less than that.

  • As people get busy making New Year resolutions, here is a quick wish for our family so that it stays united especially in trying times no matter how many external forces try to alienate us.

  • As the New Year begins, may you be able to forgive all of those who hurt you in the past, erase all the bruises from your heart and fill your heart with happiness andpeace.

  • As the New Year commences, let the family join hands to pray for one another and also promise to be by each other’s side in sickness and in health.

  • The New Year gives you a blank canvas to pour in all the colours of your heart, and may the days get filled up with pleasant surprises coming your way.

  • Currently featuring in my own particular reality show titled, A Modern Cinderella; One Girl’s Search for Love and Shoes

  • Try not to think for a brief moment that I really mind what you need to say

  • Eating an entire apple center on the grounds that you can’t be tried setting off to the canister, let it out, you’ve done it.

  • Each tempest comes up short on downpour

  • Remarkable finishes in “us” fortuitous event? I think not

  • By and large, the easy way out appeals. Additionally, I am fantastic at parallel stops.

  • God favors this chaotic situation

  • Great Samaritan, cleaned up competitor, particularly skilled napper.

  • Have heaps of hair and like appalling things

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